A thoroughly sporadic column from astronomer Mike Brown on space and science, planets and dwarf planets, the sun, the moon, the stars, and the joys and frustrations of search, discovery, and life. With a family in tow. Or towing. Or perhaps in mutual orbit.

Favorite posts

  • Discovery, occasional essays on astronomical discoveries

  •  The occultation of Eris, four essays on the sizes of Eris and Pluto and their implications for planethood

  • Naming of names, an occasional series on how these objects get their crazy names, with examples.

  • Sky watching, things you might notice, if you look up
  • There is something out there, a three part exploration of the discovery of the dwarf planet Sedna and what it means for the solar system
  • Classification, what is a planet, anyway? Funny you should ask....
  • Titan, my hobby, for when I need a break from the Kuiper belt
  •  My family
  • Telescopes, what astronomers really do all night